Krystal Leandra is the Host, Director, and Executive Producer of ‘Ghost Girl Diaries.’ Krystal’s journey started out on the Travel Channel with Zak Bagans, as season finale winners of ‘Paranormal Challenge.’ Krystal then started her YouTube career, turning her haunted vision into a series in 2015. Gaining millions of views on the channel, almost over night.

The series became a podcast on all major streaming platforms in 2019, including on Spotify and Apple. The podcast has tens of thousands of downloads.

Krystal also has an extensive background in television paranormal production.

Krystal is not only a rare badass female ghost-hunter and filmmaker; but she also uses her public platform to provide an educational experience for her viewers. She is widely known for teaching her fan base how to shoot professional paranormal film.

Krystal is known for her outspoken opinions of imbalance of women in film and paranormal, and hopes to become a trailblazer for other women interested in the occult.

In 2021, Krystal won five film festivals for best documentarian, Director, and Producer. She won an award called “Executive Producer’s to look out for.” She also won an award called, “Best Future Documentary Series to watch; Ghost Girl Diaries.” Krystal’s goal is to turn Ghost Girl Diaries into a television series.

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